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Thomas Graf



Sports, Action, Outdoors

I enjoy capturing the moment, peak action in sports or jets flying low. The outdoors is my second arena and both have in common that I capture the moment as it presents itself to me - and the way I see it. 

There're many other areas of photography that I admire like fashion, wildlife, macro, architecture or automobiles. Yet I had to acknowledge that my time and skill only allow to to be decent in one area and that was sports. This does not mean that I didn't venture into several of these arenas, and you can find quite a number of examples in my galleries, yet by no means to I want to pretend to be a master of everything. 

I enjoy photography and I hope you enjoy the images I took. After all, the beauty of photography is the sharing, exploring and learning of an art.

Sports & Action

Motion, action and emotion.

With a focus on Basketball but also check out the Galleries on fascinating other sports like Judo or Kanu Polo


Our man-made landscape offer endless fascinating views 


The beauty of nature, as simple as that: landscape & animals  

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